Why are device permissions required for installing the MSA app?

In order for all the features in our app to function on your mobile device, we require a few access and storage permissions. In case you're wisely giving thoughtful pause when seeing these permission requests during app install, this article spells out the reasons behind the authorization permissions MSA asks for. 


When signing up to volunteer for an event activity, we provide the option to save your commitment to your personal calendar. Doing so saves you the added step of opening your calendar and doing this on your own after signing up.


We temporarily store directory data to your phone for "offline" viewing. 

During your initial login and retrieval of directory data, we require internet access. Our app then puts this information into temporary, secure storage allowing you to go offline or out of a service area without losing your view of contacts during your current log-in session. The access to files is asking for authorization for us to temporarily store data for "offline" viewing.