Personalizing email and using direct store and signup links

In this article we will review:

These super handy direct links allow parents direct access to purchasing and volunteering without having to login.  Their account ID is automatically built into the link so the system will know who they are and take them directly to their own private page. 

  • Store ("Cart") link:  this link will take a parent directly to the store and any purchases used with this link will be automatically credited to the family's account.  The link is unique to the family that is tied to the email that the message was sent to. 
  • Signup link:  inserts a link to the parent's personal signup page where they can signup for activities and view their current commitments.  

Tip:  You can use links to sell items or fill signup needs.

Personalize email using Merge Tags

Merge tags allow you to customize and personalize your emails.  Personalizing can increase the chances emails get read!  Choices include:  

  • First Name - first name of the recipient
  • Last Name - last name of the recipient
  • Family Last - last name of the students in the family

How to insert merge tags and cart, signup links

  1. Enter into the message area of your email.  
  2. Place your cursor at the location you want to insert the link or merge tag
  3. Make your selection.  The link or tag will automatically update with personal information at the time emails are sent.  

Tip:  Test your inserted links or tags by sending an email to yourself first.