Classroom Email Feature

NOTE: This feature is only available to parents that have been designated as a room parent in the system.  Room parent designation is done by your school's account administrator.  If you do not see your teacher(s) when you go to this feature, please contact them to have it activated.  DO NOT contact support as we are not authorized to give you access.

MySchoolAnywhere allows you to send email to any class or classes you are connected with.  You can send to all parents, selected parents and include the teacher in your email blast.

In this lesson we'll cover:  

Login to the Parent Portal on your computer (not available on your phone) and go to My Account / Room Parent Email from the menu in the top right


Compose your email message

  First, you'll want to complete the email header fields.  

  • From Email Address:  this automatically defaults to your email used when logging in.  This is the email that parents will reply to.
  • From Name:  This is the name of the Sender as it appears to parents.  Make sure it's recognizable.
  • Email Subject:  Your subject will determine if your email is opened or ignored.  Make it count!   Here are suggestions:

Tips:  Keep your Subject meaningful and concise. It alone can communicate your intent even when the email isn't opened.

  • Summarize your message:  "January Newsletter: SAT Update, Ski Trip, Spring Event Dates"
  • Reference action needed:  "Response Required:  Nov. 10 Parent-Teacher Conference Signups"
  • Include deadline if one applies:  "Yearbooks on Sale!  Ends Feb. 20th - Order Here".
  • Avoid extra words such as adjectives.

Build an Effective Message

A well-organized, effective message will increase the likelihood of recipients reading your email and taking action.  Stay focused on the purpose of your email.  If you'll include multiple topics, consider using section headings to distinguish the multiple sections.  Here are helpful related MSA articles on building custom messages with links and images:    


Save early and often

Save your email message when you are done. 

Sending your email

It's best practice to send yourself or a few colleagues a test email before sending a blast to your community.  This is especially wise if you have links or graphics in your email.  Ensure these are referenced correctly by testing them first. 
  • Click the Send Email button and you'll be taken to a page with all the emails associated with parents of student in the class.  
  • Click on each row or rows to select one or many parents to send.  If you wish to send to all, click the blue Select All button.
  • Click the green Send button to send to just the parents or Send (Include teacher) to copy the teacher as well.

Primary Email:  each family has one parent / email designated as primary.  Depending upon the message, you may only need to reach out to the primary email in the family or you can send to all parents.  Most of your emails will go to all.

Pass it on:  Room parent templates are linked to the teacher and are automatically available to other room parents linked to the same teacher and available for the teacher. This is a great feature for next year's new room parents as they will enjoy the use of the templates as well :)