Why doesn't my family appear in the directory?

There are a several reasons why your family is not displaying in the directory:

  • You haven't yet registered or your data has not been uploaded to your school's account.
  • You have registered but have not yet been verified or accepted by your directory coordinator.
  • You specified display exclusions that are preventing your information from appearing.  Read on to learn how to correct this.  

Display Options

Display exclusion options can be adjusted while logged in from a computer.  Note that this feature is NOT available via the mobile app.  (Your school may have turned off the ability to edit your data.  If so, you will need to check with them for further steps.)

  • Login to the parent portal
  • Go to My Account / My Family and select the Display Options tab.  If there are no checkboxes selected, your family information will appear in full.  By selecting a checkbox, you will exclude information from appearing in the manner specified.