I've stopped receiving email. Why?

There are three reasons a parent won't receive email sent from the system:  

  • Unsubscribed:  You have unsubscribed yourself from receiving general email.  This could have been done from a link at the bottom of an email you received, or from within your family account. 

Note:  Unsubscribing does not prevent you from receiving a confirmation or access email, but does prevent all other email.

  • Bounced Email:  The email may be bouncing, meaning the email address domain you've provided is blocking the message from being delivered.  
  • SPAM:  You have marked a previous email as SPAM.  Doing so adds your email to a do-not-mail list.  If this was done in error, contact your school directory coordinator to work with us to resolve this.  We can clear your email address from the spam report one time.  However, please know our email reputation is damaged each time we are reported as spam.  

To reduce the risk of our email being treated as junk mail, add email address mail@myschoolanywheremail.com as a contact in your email program.