Why do schools choose MySchoolAnywhere?

Thousands of parent associations and schools have chosen MySchoolAnywhere to manage their organization and go "paperless".  

A few of the most important reasons include: 

  • Requires less volunteers - everyone is busy and volunteer hours are hard to come by.  Your parent association needs to streamline and automate everything they can to ensure that stuff gets done and they can focus on what really matters:  your children's educational environment.
  • Saves time – no more paper forms or Excel spreadsheets.  Online data management, shopping and volunteer signups update the system instantly.  Your school's directory can be up to date the day school starts AND kept up to date throughout the school year. 
  • It's secure - paper is NOT secure.  Paper directories and emailing spreadsheets with personal data won't keep your data way from the bad guys.  Our system uses the highest level of industry standard security to make sure your information is protected. LEARN MORE
  • Saves money – no more printing costs (they keep going up!)
  • Reduces errors - because you enter your information yourself, you can be guaranteed that it’s what you want.